Adding a new patient record


On using the application for the first time, there will be no patients and the record must be created.

The user will be presented with the following screen on entry to the application:


Clicking the new patient button (red circle above) will take the user to the patient registration page.

Alternatively, the user can directly enter some patient details in the search patient fields - if the patient is not found, the application will automatically ask whether a new record is to be created.


The patient registration page is shown below:


The registration card should be completed in full by the user. There are conditions applied to the completion of this card which are indicated below:


  1. The PIN code is a unique code assigned to a patient by each site.  Each patient must be allocated a PIN code, but the policy for setting what the PIN code consists of is a local decision.  For example, one hospital/clinic may set the pin code as the patient’s initials and date of birth (MB011059), while another may set sequential PIN codes (e.g. Leiden001, 002, etc).  The site administrator should ensure that the policy by which the PIN code is determined is readily available to staff who may be entering patient records.
  2. The Identifier code – this is a mandatory field
  3. The Pincode and Identifier fields must be different for each patient record. Duplicates will not be accepted by the system. These fields are useful if the user wishes to enter any pre-existing unique anonymous identifier which may exist as part of a patient dossier or patient study.
  4. The email address will not be accepted unless there is an @ sign
  5. The date of birth will not be accepted if the date of symptoms or date of diagnosis have been entered and the date of birth falls after these dates



The PinCode, password and encryptionkey will give this patient the right to enter HAQ information in the METEOR application. Please ensure that the password and encryptionkey on this page are different from those used by the clinical staff. Note that the password and encryptionkey must contain at least six characters



The user should complete all details and save this page using the save button, as shown below:


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