Co-morbidity diagnosis


The user can add a diagnosis by clicking the add button, as shown below.



The application uses a standard ICD-10 list for diagnosis and terminology.  It can accept diagnoses in text form, or the ICD-10 codes.

Clicking the add button initiates the entry box:



The user can then enter the diagnosis - the application has search ahead functionality and will match closest available entries as the user types. This is shown below for a user entering non-Hodgkins Lymphoma:



The entry is selected and the user can enter additional comments, if required:



Once the entry is saved, the entry is visible in the diagnosis window. Clicking on the information button reveals the additional comments, as shown:



The diagnosis can be changed or suspended using the change and suspend buttons. If a diagnosis is suspended, it will not be possible to change or re-activate that diagnosis again.  Should it become necessary to re-enter a diagnosis that had previously been suspended, the user should select the condition and enter the reason for re-entering the diagnosis in the comments field.

To change a diagnosis, the user should overtype the new diagnosis to trigger the search ahead function.


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